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The Entrepreneurship Lab (TEL) equips you with unmatched access to decision-makers in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the UK and beyond. You will interact with industry experts and prominent investors who have committed their time to be a part of the TEL venture partner network. You will have the opportunity to draw on the energy and expertise of London Business School’s brightest talent to drive strategic initiatives. You will also have the opportunity to raise capital for your venture. Through this unique access to insight, intellect, and introductions, you will accelerate your startup’s pathways to success.

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Feedback from Investors and Experts 

A range of industry experts and prominent investors will be available to support your startup-specific issues. Through a series of four intense sessions, you will gain insights into market trends and best practices.

Access to Talent

A team of selected MBA students from London Business School will work with you throughout the programme to discover and deliver on key strategic insights. Over a period of four months, a team of highly skilled and motivated students with relevant expertise and experience will supercharge your efforts, be that business development, go-to-market, fundraising, or anything needed to take your product and company to the next level.

Creative Working
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Networking and Fund Raising

Our mentor network counts some of the leading decision-makers in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe. You will have the opportunity to pitch your idea to a panel of investors from some of the top European VCs and potentially secure the funds to grow your business.  


Who is this for?

TEL is designed to help early-stage technology ventures to grow. You should consider applying to the programme if your startup has either developed a working prototype, achieved initial sales traction, or secured a pre-seed round. In other words, if you are at the initial ideation phase we encourage you to consider one of our future cohorts. At the same time, we are seeking early-stage growth-orientated companies. Given the structure of the programme, you will benefit the most from participating if your team does not already include someone with strong managerial expertise. At TEL, you get automatic access to the talent pool of London Business School students with formal managerial and entrepreneurial training as well as several years of industry experience. Nevertheless, you may still decide to apply if you believe the programme benefits your team and the company. 

We expect the admitted founders to attend four in-person sessions at London Business School in London between January 2023 and March 2023. Please check out the programme structure below for more details. We also expect the LBS participants to be able to meet the founders in-between these sessions to be able to help them with their goals and progress. Therefore, we have a preference for ventures that are located in or in close proximity to London. That said, if you are elsewhere in the UK or Europe, but can meet the two conditions above, please do apply. Make sure to explain how you can meet these two conditions as part of your application.

Application deadline: 15 December 2022


Programme Structure

The programme consists of two face-to-face discussion, feedback, and workshop sessions and one final investment pitch session. During the first session, each startup team has the opportunity to present their work and progress to a panel of experts and investors. The panel will accordingly provide crucial feedback on what the team needs to focus on during the programme. The feedback is unique to each startup and can include developing a go-to-market strategy, performing an in-depth market research, developing a revenue model, or assessing product-market fit. Up to three LBS students will be assigned to each startup team to work with them closely on implementing the feedback received from the panel. The second session involves several workshops on key topics such as valuation, market sizing, and developing pitch presentations. The startups that successfully progress through the programme will have a chance to make an investment pitch to a panel of investors during the third session. LBS students will also help startups with preparing their pitch decks and presentations. If you have any questions, please contact us at


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